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The top 11 ways coaching can help you with your Ballroom and Latin American Dancesport Career

1. Learn how to identify and set long term goals

Gain confidence in creating and knowing your path

2. Ensures your goals are right

Got to be shooting at the correct target!

3. Develop your mental strength

Learn and implement clever tools used by high performance athletes to get you through tough times, power you forward in good!

4. Identify and eliminate “head trash”

Nerves, confidence, self talk etc, it can all be fixed!

5. Make big decisions

Get the right questions to lead you to your right answer

6. Get clarity on what to work on next

All inline with your game plan for maximum momentum

7. Gain that mental edge

Confidence comes with clarity, surge forward ahead of your competitors

8. Expert help

The opportunity to have someone on your team keeping you on track and on focus with your complete path

9. Get accountable

You’ll have someone who holds you to account on what you need to do – as a result, you achieve more.

10. Deal with bad results better

Through obtaining better focus and goal setting, reduce and even eliminate the pain of a bad result

11. Learn more about you and your partner

Sophisticated behavioural analysis so you can recognise yours and your partners motivators and stressors.

The list is of course almost endless, why not drop me a line here so we can organise to chat and together we’ll identify how coaching can best help you.

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